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Know The Ten Reasons Why You Must Visit Cuba

Cuba stands as the biggest island in the Caribbean, with an area of 105 806 square kilometers. The country has many travel restrictions that make many Americans not to visit the country. You can plan to travel to the country this year to enjoy the attractions. You can relax in the beaches or become a local for a few days. There are many reasons why every person needs to visit Cuba this year.

A person can visit Cuba and read more here and see the many vintage cars. Here, you see hundreds of vintage cars on the road, existing because Fidel Castro banned American imports in the 1950s. You can visit the country to see these vintage cars.

A visitor coming here will also love the beautiful weather. If you want to enjoy the 70?F heat in January, why not come to Cuba.

A visitor will love the weather here, but they will be enjoying the beach experience more. The visitors coming here enjoy the 3500 miles of coastline that make them have fun. There are over 430 beaches to enjoy.

When you come here, you will surely enjoy the cheap drinks. Here, you can order your local Bucanero, Cristal or cocktails going for around $2.

A person coming here for visits needs to try the cigars. In local shops, you get the quality Cuban cigars found nowhere else.

Cuba is one country ideal for individuals who want some adventure. If you want to see the beautiful countryside, plan the Cuban bicycle tours. While seeing the attractions on the bike, you also keep your body fit. For anyone who wants this experience, they go for the local tour guides.

Many people coming here end up loving the lively music. Visitors love salsa dances in resorts and local clubs.

If you are into the history of the region, this is your time to learn more about Cuba. You can learn more about the Cuban revolution from the 1950s and The Castro regime. Visitors need to engage the residents to get more.

You don’t have to stay in expensive resorts when you can experience the Casa Particulars. With the Casa, you get the places like AirBnb’s to reside for a few days. Every Casa is licensed by the state, and it offers cheaper accommodation.

If you get bored doing the above, perhaps you need to go for some scuba diving. The country has put up strict environmental protection laws to guard its coastline, thus making scuba diving a popular engagement. If you are brave, you can enjoy the caves, tunnels or find the rare Tingrays or Barracudas.

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